nyzUSA-logoThe Bridge to Chinese in America
nyzUSA is a marketing solution provider to connect businesses with Chinese in the United States – whether visiting or local. We partner with brands, media and agencies to develop platforms, services and content to engage the audience. Our team understands consumer behavior, mentality, lifestyle and business operations of both Chinese and American cultures.


Real Estate

nyzUSA created its own Chinese real estate platform to fill a need for one that concentrates on luxury and commercial properties.


Food & Drink

nyzUSA specializes in grassroots marketing and content development to promote product awareness, education, sampling and engagement.


Travel & Retail

nyzUSA brings the top brands and the best services to Chinese around the globe through exclusive events and multiple Internet platforms.



nyzUSA helps brands and professionals to develop and manage their digital presence including websites and social media.



  • Population in Greater China: 1.4 billion Market To All Chinese - Chinese around the world has variance in language and subculture. Be cautious in the communication.


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